Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nebraska Real Estate

There is so much to do in Nebraska. The whole family can go bird viewing, hiking or mountain biking. The more adventurous can go hunting and horseback riding. Dads can play golf. There are also great places to see – heritage museums and shrines, farms and ranches. There are also vineyards and wineries to visit. Specialty shopping for the whole family can be a fun excursion.

Geography and Demography

Nebraska is right in the center of the continental United States. Nebraska has 93 counties and 10 large cities. The State is bordered on the north by South Dakota. Colorado and Kansas take up the southern border. Iowa and Missouri occupy the eastern side, while Colorado and Wyoming takes up the western segment. The 2006 population estimate was placed at 1,768,331.


Nebraska winters are very cold, and summers very hot. Nebraska rainfall decreases steadily from east to west.


There are different farming activities in the different regions. Cattle grazing are dominant in the northwestern and north central regions in the northeast and on the Platte Valley farms are grown to corn cattle feed. The southern Panhandle and the southwest are engaged in large scale wheat production. Sugar beets and dry beans are the main produce in the North Platte Valley. Sorghum is planted in irrigated lands in the southern part of the state.

Mining activities are concentrated on crushed stone, gravel, sand, and Portland cement. Petroleum is produced but not in vast quantities. Lumber is not a major industry of the State but there are small lumber operations in the northwest.

Food processing, meat packing, dairy products, vegetable oils, pasta and corn processing make up the industrial sector of Nebraska. Other leading industries are chemicals, drugs, machinery, electrical equipment and instruments. The State is a
leading producer of irrigation equipment and farm machineries. Nebraska also produces transportation equipment, fabricated metals, primary metals as well as rubber and plastic wares.

The Nebraska real estate industry is thriving. Buyers and sellers can safely deal with the recognized firms. The Nebraska real estate agents can help you with the right appraisal of the property you interested to sell or purchase. They can give you
updated listings for homes, ranches, commercial lots, condominiums, and farms.

Nebraska real estate offices have listings for the entire estate. This way they give prospective buyers an update list to enable the buyer to place an offer. When the deal is closed, buyers will be expected to pay fees for additional charges. The services of the Nebraska real estate agents or offices are not limited to buyers or sellers. Their services can be hired by mortgage companies, banks, and auditors and all others who are also interested to have an appraisal of properties they have concerns with. Investors and those who are relocating from other States or are relocating to another region within the State can contact Nebraska real agents to
assist them.

Investors of Nebraska real estate can have so many options. Isn't it about time to check out Nebraska?

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